Biggest Fashion Trends for New Year’s Eve 2017 in Detroit

SPARKLES SPARKLES SPARKLES… sparkles are ALWAYS in on NYE. This is the one night where sparkles and glitter are 100 percent acceptable, so go crazy.

Skin is in. It’s a new year and why not ring it in being a little adventurous with your NYE attire? Dresses peeking a little extra skin are super popular, but be sure to keep it classy.

High waisted EVERYTHANG. High waisted shorts, skirts, and pants are very stylish, but what seems to be the major trend is dressy rompers. However you want to rock your outfit, just make sure to prepare early so that you’re not running around last minute settling for a mediocre outfit.

Blazers. You can never go wrong with a blazer, as they have the power to complete and bring together a whole outfit. Be a little adventurous and wear a bright sparkling one to make you stand out.

LAYERS Be sure to dress accordingly, it may be cold out, but venues with a lot of people heat up quickly. Take advantage of the venue’s coat check and prepare to shed a layer to stay cool.

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How to Look Your Very Best for New Year’s Eve 2017 in Detroit

If you are starting to plan for New Year’s Eve 2017 in Detroit, here are a few guidelines to help you look your very best!

Start Planning Early

Everything about NYE can be improved with a little forethought. Figuring out what you’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve can be frustrating, especially if you leave it until the last moment. To avoid stress, get yourself on Pinterest TODAY. Ideas for outfits, hair, makeup, and nails are in overabundance and cater to every style and personality. Planning early can also ensure more designs and sizes when you start shopping around.


Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get Ready on NYE

Avoid rushing to get ready or arriving to the party late by giving yourself plenty of time to get ready for the evening. If you think it will take you three hours to get ready, than give yourself four. Starting early allows you to take your time and relax before leaving the house for the evening. It also prevents you from becoming the person everyone has to wait on before they can start partying. Don’t be that person…


Women: Know Thy Heel Limit or Pack a Pair of Flats

Is there anything sadder than watching a woman in pain shuffle around a party in skyscraper heels? If you can’t walk in a pair of shoes with confidence, then don’t wear them. I don’t care how pretty those Louboutins stilettos are, if you’re in pain or shaky on your feet then you aren’t looking your best. If you simply must wear those shoes, then pack a backup pair. Dr. Scholl’s offers a product called Fast Flats that are precisely for this situation.


Go the Extra Mile

‘Tis the season for fake eyelashes and everything glitter. Use those untouched glitter eye shadows in your favorite palettes. Guys, want to go black tie? Mention NYEDetroit for a 50% discount on suits from President Tuxedo.


Treat Yo Self

After a strenuous holiday season, take the time to show yourself a little TLC. The days leading up to NYE are the perfect time to add highlights to your hair or get your nails done. If you have a limited budget, head to Groupon for plenty of savings on local salons.


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