– One of the best parts of going out on New Year’s Eve is the people watching. Just sit back, sip on your champagne, and enjoy the pageantry. Glamorous dresses and what-were-they-thinking messes, fights, and drunken meltdowns are but a taste of what going out on New Year’s Eve can offer.

– If you are someone who likes getting dressed up, then New Year’s Eve is one of the most important nights of the year. There’s just something empowering about knowing you look good. You can survive those uncomfortable shoes and that slipping strapless dress when you’re bringing your fashion A-game.

– New Year’s Eve is an excuse to buy a new outfit or splurge on a glitzy accessory. It may not be the wisest financial choice in lieu of holiday spending, but that’s why you got a credit card, right?

– Love glitter? New Year’s Eve is the only acceptable time when everything you wear can have glitter on it, so use this time wisely.

– If anything, New Year’s Eve is the opportunity to get together with good friends and party hardy, but it’s also the opportunity to meet some new people. Singles can especially benefit from going out on New Year’s Eve.

– Staying in on New Year’s Eve means you miss out on the magic that happens during group dancing. Is there anything more fun than clearing a space on the dance floor for you and your crew to showcase the newest moves? Only when your friends are gathered around in a circle do you feel the confidence to break out “The Lawnmower”, “The Grocery Cart”, and/or “The Sprinkler”.

– It’s safe to assume that by staying in on New Year’s Eve you’ll be missing out on the customary midnight balloon drop and glitter storm. You could recreate it in your home, but getting glitter out of carpet is no easy task.

If you’re worried about the cost of NYE there are several free parties happening around the D this year. The 5th annual Motor City New Year’s Eve – The Drop is a free event that takes place in Campus Martius every year and comes highly rated. See, it is possible to celebrate New Year’s Eve without clearing out your wallet!


If you are still struggling to make plans for NYE 2015,
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