If you’re staying in…

Have multiple bottles of Champagne or sparkling wine on hand. Ensure plenty of bubbly by asking your guests to each contribute a bottle. An added bonus will be all the varieties.

Secure plenty of music. When you are creating a New Year’s Eve playlist, make sure you aren’t just catering to your taste in music. The perfect playlist joins together a variety of party staples, while introducing something new and unexpected. Try following Motown with Techno, or Disco with 90’s Hip Hop.

Provide snacks. The burdens of a host are easily managed by asking your guests to contribute. When you send out your invitations specify that everyone should BYOB and bring a snack to contribute. Then all you have to worry about is presentation. Simply pull out plenty of bowls and trays to accommodate the bountiful harvest.

Get to decorating. No one can deny that a party is made all the more festive with some tasteful (or tacky) decorations. Much like any hosting responsibility, you choose your level of commitment. Stick with silver and black streamers or up your game with a disco ball.

Ring in the New Year with a BANG! Confetti poppers or sparklers add another layer of festivity, plus they’re just plain fun.

If you’re going out…

Wear a killer outfit. The fashion rules for New Year’s Eve are almost nonexistent. Basically, anything goes. So pull out that metallic miniskirt and coat your nails with glitter!

Get ready early. Is there anything more irritating than waiting on someone who isn’t ready to leave? Yeah, don’t be that universally detested person.

Ensure yourself a ride home or reserve a hotel room. Negotiate a designated driver, find the number of a local cab company, download a ridesharing app, or make reservations at a hotel near the event you’ll be attending. Any option is better than a DUI.

Dress in layers. New Year’s Eve may be a winter holiday, but parties can quickly become boiler rooms as people arrive. Wear a winter coat and leave it with the coat check. A thin sweater or blazer can be easily removed if the night heats up.

Eat before you start drinking. Again, I implore you to not be that person. Remember that New Year’s Eve is a marathon, not a sprint.


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